Safety Policies and Procedures

This manual has been developed for the protection of all employees and to help keep the Company free of accidents and injuries. It can only serve you if you use it. Each Supervisor/foreman and Project Supervisor is required to read it through and sign the form on the next page and return it to the Safety Coordinator.

This manual has been developed to meet the safety requirements outlined in the OSHA Construction Safety Orders and in particular Section 1509, Accident Prevention Plan, which incorporates the requirements of Section 3203 of the General Industry Safety Orders, and the safety program requirements under SB198.

Applicable to all Federal Standards:

  • This safety program also meets or exceeds the requirements of the applicable FED/OSHA Standards for Construction and other applicable sections of FED/OSHA, I.E., Hazard Communication, Respiratory Protection, and other elements as noted in this manual.
  • Where this manual may refer to OSHA for compliance, the section can also be said to comply with FED/OSHA standards.

Set forth in this manual is a set of instructive safety rules and procedures for you to use to enhance safety performance on your job. It covers many fundamentals of accident prevention, but no single manual can be complete, and from time to time new rules or revised rules may become necessary. These new rules or revisions will be issued to you to insert into this manual.

If you have any questions, ask your immediate Supervisor/foreman, the Safety Coordinator, or
Operations Manager for assistance. Failure to comply with the safety rules or policies may result
in disciplinary action or possible discharge from your job.

It is important that all members of management provide the leadership necessary to comply with
safety requirements willingly and “set a good example for others”. Believe that safety serves
your best interests.